THE FUTURE OF HR: (HR certification institute has approved this for both 1 and 1.5 hours strategic credit)

Explore what futurists expect to come for workforces of the future and how those changes will impact HR.  New research suggests that if HR professionals do not make drastic changes in the way they conduct business, they will go the way of the typewriter.  Exactly what are the new expectations of HR?  To prioritize, crystallize, synthesize, establish programs that hold managers and employees accountable, and perform without excuses.  A fascinating distillation of what HR authors and general business futurists are saying about the changing face of HR.


People say that want to make a difference in the world, but do we really?  This interesting presentation explores whether people are really serious about creating change and then, if so, history shows us how to go about it.  Persuaders – the movers and shakers of change – fall into three distinctive categories.  Learn how to position yourself to be viewed as one (or more) of those types of people and watch your ability to influence events skyrocket.  Fascinating and challenging!


There are strategies that will help you connect with and communicate better with your C-suite.  In this fast, funny, and interactive session, learn how to get your CEO, CFO, CIO, and any other C in your life to sit up and take notice.  Perfect for HR professionals and anyone – manager and even employee – who wants to influence the “powers that be.”


Everything you do for your business, be it recruiting, training, evaluating, or marketing, had better have a tangible, measurable impact on the bottom line -- not just money but goals and not just the goals that are framed on a wall, but the ones that REALLY matter. Retrain your mind to think strategically and learn how to communicate on that level with others, particularly decision-makers and top-level management in this interactive workshop designed for anyone who is tired of "playing" at business and is ready to catapult into real success.

GOING GREEN: Greener Pastures or not?

There are many reasons a company may choose to adopt an environmentally sensitive stance, but most  businesses do not know how to go about creating such a culture, much less deal with the challenges inherent in the adoption of eco-friendly policies.   In this eye-opening presentation, participants will be introduced to the larger concept of sustainability, a part of which is environmentalism, investigate the ramifications of adoption of such a policy, and learn practical strategies for implementation.  As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to articulate a general business case for an eco-friendly culture, access resources to design successful suitable policies, create a valid implementation and measurement plan, and capitalize on such policies in marketing.

OUTSOURCING: The Legal Dangers

More and more traditional human resource tasks are being outsourced to third-party vendors. In this interactive session, learn what the legal dangers are and how to ensure that you have a contract that protects you from those snares.